Thursday, October 5

White Wallpaper or Paint?

Has anyone seen the new airfreighted edition of Wallpaper*? It is the 10 year anniversary edition and very cool.

I find it quite interesting how increasingly publishers are producing two (or more) front covers for the same issue of a magazine. This month's Wallpaper is all white - quite a daring move from a style perspective but I'm just your average magazinehead and what do I know about style. The cool thing is that the title appears in black on some versions of the mag, and in white on others (look carefully at the mag on the left and you may see the writing in white).

Makes it very hard from a retailer's perspective. You can't read the white writing on a white background, so people are thinking what the hell is that? I have had to put the black masthead version above the white masthead version so that people don't think I am trying to sell them a blank piece of A4 paper with a few orange splotches on it.

I have to admit that I quite like the all white mag and masthead. Sort of intriguing. But Wallpaper* are certainly not living up to their name with this issue. Perhaps they should have called this one Paint*

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