Monday, October 9

Cover Power

In the mag industry, covers do matter. Its amazing how a particular title can sell like crap for one particular issue, and then go gangbusters for the following issue.

I remember about a year ago in NZ, BBC Topgear (a car title for those who don't know it) had a pronounced drop in sales for one particular issue. Till then it had been selling consistently well, but they then did an issue on Japanese cars and the cover was pink... now I love pink and even have a number of pink shirts but I'm guessing that your average revhead (an affectionate term - I love all magazine lovers) ain't quite into it. Sales of that issue tanked.

The current issue of Harper's Bazaar has sold more copies at our Elizabeth St store than any previous HB issue that we have had. The difference after one week on sale is almost an increase of 80%. Take a look at the cover. Whether or not you like Posh is not the point here. The cover is gold. It reflects light and looks very nice and shiny. And when you are confronted by the mass of titles that is our world, some titles stand up and say "buy me" more than others.

We are such visual beings. Many of you will love Harper's Bazaar, many of you will hate what it stands for. But if you come into our store in the next few weeks, I bet most of you will see it.

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