Friday, October 6

Small Publishers

Think of that little niche mag that you love. It is very specialised, doesn't have a huge circulation, but speaks to that sweet spot in you which makes you go out and buy it. Often, the more niche it is, the more you tend to love it.

Next time you are enjoying this mag, spare a thought for the person behind the mag. It really often is one person who has put all on the line and is managing a small staff who are all idealists and believe their little publication can change the world.

And if it does change your world, even just a little, write to them and tell them this. Unless they have obtained a cult following (and some of them do this amazingly well), then you can bet your bottom dollar that your bottom dollar is about the equivalent of their net worth. They may struggle to feed themselves but your little note will sustain them in another way and may just keep them battling against the odds for that bit longer.

Hats off to all those small publishers out there. Without you, the world would be nothing other than mainstream.

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Barb said...

Bless you. You know my world.