Wednesday, October 4

Dumbo feather, pass it on

What's the best named magazine in the market? Very subjective question but I am going to put my vote in for Dumbo Feather Pass It On. It also happens to be one of my favourite publications out there.

While I don't know for sure, it would seem to me that it has been named after the magic feather that helped Dumbo the baby elephant fly and achieve his dreams (I loved that story as a kid). Kate Bezar and her team from Dumbo Feather are trying to give flight to the dreams in all of us by telling us the stories of normal but at the same time, inspirational people. They use what is sometimes refered to as "deep structure" interviews to get beyond the surface and into the hearts and minds of their interview subjects. The publication itself is also a beautiful work of art - wonderful images and paper.

Imagine my surprise when I picked up Dumbo Feather last night, started to read one of the stories, and thought "I know her". Brigid Hardy (second interviewee in Issue nine) was a workmate of mine. This was when I was still a management consultant; prior to having been hit on the head, lost all my senses and given up future riches beyond belief to live for magazines.

While she was a consultant, Brigid met a really rich dude called Stephen Tindall who backed her to achieve a dream. While at the same company, I once met a guy who knew another guy who had dinner with Nicole Kidman's gardener's son...

Dumbo Feather Pass It On speaks to me at a personal level. Not sure whether it is the word Dumbo (people's take on my intellect) or the word Feather (my desired weight). I think rather that I am hoping that the Pass It On part is what will apply and that despite the stupidity of dedicating your life to magazines, my dreams will also fly.

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