Wednesday, October 11

The Faces of Q

Q is one of my favourite music mags. It obviously has a huge following for a reason.

The current issue out from the UK is the 20th anniversary issue, and how cool is this, the magazine comes with 20 different covers. We got in 12 copies to mag nation in Melb and sold all within a few hours. When there were 9 left, I was going to snap a photo for this entry, but someone obviously shares my opinion that this is a very cool concept, and he bought all 9!

Check out the link to see more details about the mag.

Trying to get more in for anyone who cares. If not, I will keep them myself. These will be collectors items one day.

I am going to be rich baby... Q - you are my sugadaddy

1 comment:

Adam 1.0 said...

I'm a Q freak of the highest order (almost every issue is in a pile next to me as we speak) but I'm not getting roped into their scam! Must get my hands on the Weller version though.