Thursday, September 28

Suri Cruise and the Obvious

Vanity Fair with Suri Cruise on the cover just came in. People are going crazy over it. We had requests for this title for weeks before it even arrived.

Ok, so Suri is pretty damn cute (did anyone know that Suri means frog in Switzerland?)

But what just knocks me over is the intellectual discourse that accompanies the wonderful photos.

The Caption reads as follows:

Mother Knows Best. Katie has grand plans for her daughter. "I want her to enjoy her life," she says, "and accomplish all her dreams."

Now seriously, this is not riveting journalism. What parent doesn't want that for their kid? While the article wasn't bad, most people won't read it but will simply gawk at the photos and perhaps read the photo captions.

Good on Katie for loving her child, but Vanity Fair, please give us more than the obvious. Maybe their brains went gaga after stairing too long into Suri's eyes...


Mr. Mosquito said...

Suri means Frog in Switzerland? Never heard of it, and i am Swiss. In Swissgerman Frog means Frosch or Frösch. Depens on the dialekt.

MagMan said...

My 3 yr old son told me this, but you are right Mr Buzzy - I clarified with my wife who is also Swiss (from Bern). Souris in French means Mouse, not Frog (my wife's grandfather is called Suri from his time in the scouts). Mouse/Frog, all very confusing for a 3 year old.I will never listen to my son again!

By the way, Suri in Marathi (language from Mumbai) means "kinfe" and in Hindi, it means "pertaining to pork".

It is also the acronym for the Syracuse University Research Institute!

MagMan said...

Dear Mag Nation Investors,

I really am very busy and have lots of important and productive things to do.

Yours with great slurping noises,