Wednesday, September 27


My first foray into the world of blogging. Bit of a no brainer what I will be blogging about.


My life, my passion, my world!

Ok - so I also happen to run a magazine retail business called Mag Nation so I depend on magazines to help feed my kids (although Mag Nation doesn't really pay the bills as yet), but I wouldn't have left safe corporatedom for magazines if I didn't have a love affair with them.

Sooo lovely and shiny...

I am a self-proclaimed magaholic.

Don't ever ask me what my favourite magazine is. I get it all the time and it shits me. Like asking me which of my kids I love more.

So, what am I reading/flipping through at the moment:

Dazed & Confused
Ha! (new mag on Aussie Humour)

Have no clue if anyone will ever read this. Too many blogs and so little time. Perhaps other magaholics might come across me from time to time. Maybe we should form a support group...


Sagi said...

Good Luck!

Great initiative... Its an addictive hobby that takes time, but can be quite rewarding - so keep it up!

BTW - Make sure you have a stat counter to see how many people come to your site, and where they came from ( well as an RSS feed, so its possible to subscribe to your blog (

Anonymous said...

damn, sagi beat me to it yet again :-)

Another cool thing you could do.

Take some video of your stores, interview people in your stores, reverse interview journalists who come to interview you. Then upload a quick edited version to and integrate the video into your site.

Easy to do and makes your blog even more interesting.


MagMan said...

Thanks guys, all very useful advice. Already got sitemeter, have no idea what RSS is, but will find out, and will see if I can find people to video without them spitting in my eye.