Thursday, September 28

Mia Timpano

I met the head writer from Frankie yesterday - Mia Timpano.

I came across as such a dawk. Gushing over how much I liked her writing and how I had just been reading "10 ways to retain your dignity when you are drunk" as well as her moving and intense piece on refugees.

Mia, next time you need to write some advice on 10 ways to look cool in front of someone you want to impress.

She was snapping some photos of the store. Just your average everyday girl with a wicked quill and a following of thousands. I love my job... colour me influential. Ok, colour me standing next to people who are influential. God damn it, just colour them then.


lyntern said...

looks good - keep it up

annie said...

well. i know how you would have felt.. mia timpano is my absolute idol.. i find my self writing blogs and then thinkin it sounds just like her.. maybe she is just as cynical as i am... or she just has a massive influence on the way i think...thats weird.