Wednesday, April 4

Weird and wonderful

Been absent for a while - busy opening a new mag nation store at Sylvia Park in New Zealand. The guys next door to us got flooded the night before opening, and we had to put up with water seeping through their wall into our store. We were running around like madmen armed with paper towels - like trying to stem the bleeding of a severed arm with a bandaid.

Anyway, while in NZ, someone asked me what was the strangest magazine that we had in our range. My thoughts went towards Mental Floss, Primitive Archer, Pigeon Racing, and a number of other weird and wonderful titles.

But then, I saw this mag... Bamboo Rediscovered. How Fabulous!

Nothing like a good read about Bamboo, especially for those of us out there who used to love Bamboo, but have forgotten all about it.

Bamboo aficionados - this is for you.

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