Friday, March 2

Talk to the hand

Is it just me or are the publishers out there starting to think more outside the box than ever before.

While I am not a digital creative and therefore can't get as much out of Computer Arts Projects as some, I am nevertheless a huge fan.

They come up with very cool covers. A previous issue came in a perforated cardboard envelope looking like it was just about to be shipped. Then there was the issue that looked like a vinyl LP. Now this... the hand cover.

When you touch the hand, it changes colour. The interesting thing about it is that it morphs into a real hand - the hew of the skin colour and the lines on the palm are all perfect.

This is the sort of mag that I like. Even when on the shelf, it says pick me up and interact with me.

Then there was the issue of Creative Review that was packed in a paper bag with the words "Your mother is a whore" scrawled on the front of the bag. I thought it was hilarious. Some newsagents covered up the message with white out...

I am a sucker for a good front cover. Put something new and never seen before on a Stamp Collecting mag and I'll probably buy it. I hope more of the creative mags out their continue to innovate. This is an art form and I hope it permeates its way through the industry.

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