Monday, February 12

Monster Children

I have a number of books that list the coolest mags in the world. They are dominated by fashion and design mags, but for some reason, Monster Children is not listed amongst them.


If Monster Children doesn't rate as one of the 100 coolest magazines in the world, then I am a munkles unky. They do two covers for each issue (one cover of the current issue 13the glows in the dark). Check this for out there - who does 4 colour printing for a purely black and white edition, even for ads? These guys do.

MC has achieved that elusive cult following that so many want but few manage. Newsagents wouldn't have a clue where to put them - they probably think it is a title about kids!
By the way, mag nation has exclusive back copies of monster children, going back all the way to issue 1, and with both copies of each issue. Colour me cool.

I am now going to rip off something from the magazine and take my chances with the copyright gods. I hope people appreciate the irony. This is the fine print from the mag:
"this is the 13th issue of MC. Don't copy anything in this mag. That's shit house. Comments made within this mag are not ours. We just need words to fill the space. So back off. And whats that park in North Sydney, under the bridge. I like that park..."

Anyone who includes random crap in small print is brilliant by me


Anonymous said...

Hey mag man,

just letting you know that the funniest part of your recent blog was the extract i.e. it wasn't written by you.

Remember, less is more.


MagMan said...


wasn't trying to be funny. just saying how cool mc is

my blog - I can write as much or little as I want. if you don't like then don't read

in terms of less is more how about this - get stuffed! :)

lauren said...

ha! choice words mag man - i'm lovin' the blog again - keep up the regular posts!

how rad is MC!! not only is it a rad magazine - especially the current one, giving away a free sharpie to do all kinds of damage with, but the gallery in sydney is tip top too!

and apparently the boys and girls at the mag are incredibly ace and support up and coming designers and arty types through donating back-issues to art students' fundraising efforts. or that's what i hear, anyway :)